Software Technical Support & Maintenance

Technical support & maintenance services

Once your product is developed you are able to order long-time maintenance and tech support. We can keep working on new features of your software, handle your questions and emerging issues as well as develop and implement improvements. Our customer service engineers are dedicated to assisting you throughout any difficulties you, your personnel, or clients might meet when using the software.

Application Improvement

We combine analytics and best practices to define what changes can add value to your application. If you approve the new features we start working on enhancements.

Steady Monitoring of the Software

With maintenance services from our company, you will be able to get daily, weekly, or monthly reports about your software performance and productivity.

Product Enhancement

We offer to add value to your products with new features, recommended for long-lasting projects with a great number of potential fixes and releases.

Implementation of New Functionalities

We may initiate, develop, and implement any new functionalities and features to your software as well as to craft a new marketing strategy to present the changes of the product.

Database Services

We provide all database services including administration, optimization, backup and recovery, monitoring, and security.

Product Integration

Our specialists are well-experienced in integrating software products in different industries. We have developed a smooth shift and special training programs for your employees.

Our key benefits

Being an outsourced team of developers we understand how lower operating expenses are important to you. That’s why we work hard to offer you the best prices without compromising the quality.

We have the broad experience in providing support and maintenance services for almost all products we developed for our customers.Every single support engineer is familiar with major business needs and peculiarities of various industries.

Hire Indian Software Customer Support Engineers

Once your web or mobile product is developed don’t forget about maintenance and support. It will facilitate proper communication between you and software users.

English-Speaking Staff

Our staff demonstrates a good command of English communicative skills and grammar. Every single support representative is good at expressing their thoughts in clear English words.

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