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Projectzo has been originally launched to provide high quality market research and financial project report for startups, the main motto of the company is to provide quality services at very affordable prices as we are working for startups, we keep in our mind that the startups has limited funds to operate initially, we’ve designed our products accordingly.

Projectzo is first of its kind of service that has been launched officially in 2014 by the professionals who worked since 2010 as a small Indian start-up, due to high-quality services and value for money products, Projectzo is currently serving the entrepreneurs across 22 countries online. We are recognised by the thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide, now becomes the most trusted brand for startups and entrepreneur’s community across the world. In the end of 2018, Projectzo has expanded its wings to provide premium quality IT services too.

Data Science

Our developers can build DSaaS and other sophisticated analytics systems for tech companies and big enterprises. We use modern methods of information collection, analysis, and manipulation.

Business Intelligence

We are striving to provide high-quality services in the BI sector. We create, deploy and maintain secure and manageable solutions using a bunch of special tools. You will benefit from perspectives of new markets and ways to promote your goods.

Project Management

Our PMs show high level of objectivity in running your projects. When it comes to initiating ideas we get buy-ins first from our developers to proceed with planning & developing documentation. They accurately manage tasks at the execution, control integration & further maintenance.

Technical Support & Maintenance

Once your product is developed you are able to order long-time maintenance and tech support. We can keep working on new features of your software, handle your questions and emerging issues as well as develop and implement improvements.


Vast domain experience of our outsourced developers and innovative technologies allow us to create secure and stable P2P solutions with maximum scalability for potential growth of any projects..


We can write from scratch or improve your system, blueprints, contents, digital assets as well as to launch user-friendly Enterprise Content Management multifunctional systems that can easily integrated into existing infrastructure.

Software QA and Testing

With well-expertised professionals, we can enhance your product’s usability, security, and quality with a comprehensive range of QA services we provide. We deliver all testing documentation on a regular basis for our customers to figure out what has been done and what is necessary to do in order to make all required fixes.

Software Development

We build feature-rich software for external organizations or individuals in either horizontal or vertical markets. The programs we develop have precisely defined interfaces, run efficiently, and pass an exhausted series of tests in all expected combinations. We are specialized in designing best practices for EAM, CRM, SCM, ERM and other management systems.


Our pros from UI/UX team are ready to deliver a perfect product with a great usability. We can ensure you that your system/application/website will look amazing and run correctly on any platform.

Big Data

Our experienced Big Data developers help companies explore data analytics to get valuable information and use it at full capacity. We have been building strong data analytics team for more than 6 years for you to hire a talented Big Data developer.

Mobile App Development

We empower people and companies to come in full force on mobiles of their customers. Bright and user-friendly solutions tell their own tale. We offer a full cycle of work starting with the initiation stage and ending with a launch on market with the possibility of further fixes and enhancements.

Re-Engineering Migration

We minimize reengineering by using efficient ways of system/application migration. Our developers are familiar with the most effective tools to simplify the process. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to add value to your products.

Business Project Report Online

Our team of professionals makes a perfect piece of paper. Our manual project reports are 100% bankable, acceptable by banks, angel investors and venture capitalists worldwide.


Tailored Software Development

Make business processes more efficient integrating your website with your back office. we build multi features apps that can run together with other products on all existing platforms.



Start blockchain development with our team to get high-quality code and the safest verification systems for your crypto-focused websites for controlled process as well financial operations.



We can help you distribute service-oriented corporate environment and business applications that connect all elements of business infrastructure.


We help fast-growing Fintech companies to develop innovative solutions in the areas of [more..]


Our developers and architects offer effective HR solutions that help companies process [more..]


The software that we develop can improve player and team performance, run your venue [more..]

E Commerce

We empower our customers by creating user-friendly software for e-commerce companies [more..]


We develop automotive solutions using the latest technology trends in enterprise mobility [more..]


We develop smart systems for project management, estimations, and documents [more..]


Development of high performance outsourced solutions for industrial mfg. companies [more..]


We develop smart digital platforms and healthcare apps that are able to enhance [more..]


We help travel companies grow and improve management systems. with smart systems [more..]

You can create and download 5 year business plan project report in just 10 minutes 

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