Software Re-Engineering, Migration & Maintenance

Software Re-Engineering, Migration & Maintenance

We minimize reengineering by using efficient ways of system/application migration. Our developers are familiar with the most effective tools to simplify the process. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to add value to your products. Our programmers are well-experienced in code refactoring and re engineering legacy software. They will change your programs internally with proper respect to all existing features and options that it has.

Source Code Refactoring

If you code is to complicated we are able to reduce the complexity and improve readability. The modifications we do won’t influence the external behavior of the software.

Productivity Optimization

We concentrate on quality and high efficiency of the product. We are ready to discuss the ideas that can improve your systems, servers, or applications.

Application Integration

We will smoothly integrate innovation into the existing enterprise environment. We provide all kinds of AI sticking to the developed roadmaps.

Application, Database, and Cloud Migration

Learn about the benefits you can get from the right and smooth migration to other platforms, servers, or clouds.

Back-Up Services

Data is the most precious thing in every kind of business. Rest assured that your data is safe with a set of back-up services from Projectzo.

Comprehensive Analysis

We conduct the in-depth analysis to detect existing issues and offer the relevant approach. You will be given the results of the analysis to discuss all possible changes and participate in software reengineering process.

Our key benefits

Customer-centric business processes which we have been improving on a regular basis for the last 6 years allow us to stand out of the crowd. Software and application re-engineering from a reliable Indian IT company.

We have a bunch of expert programmers as well as a lot of rising talents. Over 120 professionals are at your disposal for providing reengineering and migration services.

Hire Indian Engineers

Considering outsourcing Indian technical specialists? We can demonstrate what is software engineering in practice. Take a closer look on the reasons why hiring them is the right decision. 

English-Speaking Staff

All our employees, developers and managing staff, possess strong English communication and written skills for efficient interacting with our clients from other countries.

Affordable Rates
High Productivity

Connect with our experts

We are opened for new challenges and ready to reach your great goals! Let us choose the best technology for your next web project

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