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QA and Software testing

We can enhance your product’s usability, security, and quality with a comprehensive range of QA services we provide. We deliver all testing documentation on a regular basis for our customers to figure out what has been done and what is necessary to do in order to make all required fixes. With well-expertised professionals, we’re prepared to offer the following software testing and QA services.

Software Testing

We possess a bunch of software testing abilities that include test management, functionality, user experience, security, compatibility, performance and load testing.

UI Testing

We test things at the user interface level verifying system functionality. UI testing allows to detect the defects in the product’s interface and to eliminate them on time.

Functional/Compliance Testing

Our testers will check if your software’s functionalities run correctly. They will produce test plans, suites, and test cases that you can look through if needed.

Acceptance/Compatibility Testing

With acceptance testing services you will get to know your customers interests and complaints. The objective of this test type is to check if the product meets the business objectives.

Application Security Testing

Test specialists review application modelling and architecture, source code. They assess application vulnerability and produce penetration testing.

Load and Stress Testing

These types help determine the stability and reliability of application as well as study the performance of application under various loads.

Our key benefits

If you are wondering what is software testing and quality and how they may help improve your systems, products, software, or mobile apps our test engineers will kindly help you. Projectzo is a QA services company that offers a bunch of benefits to its customers. Check them out.

Our business analysts will speak your language to offer a value-added translation of your needs into technology solutions. We offer quick time to market and unique marketing strategies.

Hire Indian Software Developers

Considering outsourcing Indian technical specialists? We can demonstrate what is software engineering in practice. Take a closer look on the reasons why hiring them is the right decision. 

Hire QA Software Tester In India

Quality Assurance service industry in India is one of the most professional. Take a closer look on the reasons why hiring our testers is the right decision.

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