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Project Management Technologies

Projectzo’s project managers possess good problem-solving skills to take ad-hoc decisions and make changes on fly. They are well equipped for providing management and business consulting services at all stages of SDLC..

Scrum Methodology

Our Scrum masters will operate in coordination with product owners to develop effective work strategy for all members of a team and deliver feature-rich software to users. They will carefully divide the SDLC into of 2-4 weeks sprints.

Time doctor

You will always know what part of workload your employees have just accomplished and how much time they have spent for that. A unique tool for PMs, product owners, and team members that unite efforts for gaining success.

Our key benefits

Our engagement models allow you to choose among most convenient options for payment, management, and implementation. When it comes to hiring our PMs we are pleased to show you the core advantages.

Our analytics will identify your core business goal with regard to such affecting factors as innovation, brand awareness, customer experience, revenue generation, marketing optimization, etc. You will get a research report on strengths and weaknesses of your business.

Project Managers

Project manager’s role in the entire SDLC is very important. Great managers are real leaders as they must encourage, motivate, and lead their teams to success. Take a closer look at benefits you will get if you hire a  edicated team with a dedicated PM.

High Productivity

IT project manager is in charge of measuring KPIs and enhancing velocity and productivity. Our experts are skilled at timeliness, budget, quality, and effectiveness KPIs measurement.

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