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Data Science and Machine Learning Services

Our developers can build DSaaS and other sophisticated analytics systems for tech companies and big enterprises. We use modern methods of information collection, analysis, and manipulation. Being one of the fast-growth “DSAAS” company, we design custom data science software according to our clients’ requirements. Our unique products can help you process large bulk of data and turn it into important information which you can use to advantage.


We receive your raw or anonymized information and provide you with the current service, which includes clearing and standardizing data, growth and interaction, content analysis, forecasting, optimization and custom metrics, and general analytics that can be implemented.


We advise product and engineering organizations on how to better use data to achieve an ambitious, transformed vision. We conduct our minds with our clients to understand goals and provide personalized strategic recommendations for product and data.


We identify gaps in your current products and infrastructure. Our top experts look at the collected data, evaluate the technology stack, review the data pipeline and identify the team’s capabilities.

Our key benefits

We help our customers reduce their revenue streams, increase their bottom line productivity through advanced web development + data science solutions. Our staff provides an opportunity to find innovative ways to strategically analyze and optimize operations when learning new market perspectives. We are one of the top data science companies in Ukraine that offers unique advantages.

Our employees study the impact of data volumes, the diversity and speed of your business, and help you identify effective data management strategies. We determine what distinguishes important signals from the rest of the data stream and creates a system that can track these variables.

Technology stack

We have grown our business understanding and technology skills through a decade in datascience to mature into a fully qualified vendor undertaking themost challenging projects.

  • Python
  • R
  • Java
  • Scala
  • C++
  • Matlab
  • Perl
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