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A proprietary firm established in 2010, later amalgamated in to partnership firm , currently having 142 professionals on board, and presence in 4 countries. Our mission at Projectzo is to create a better business environment. Our knowledge and high-calibre services contribute to the development of trust and confidence in the business world and financial markets.

We assist our clients in seizing new possibilities, evaluating and managing risk, and achieving responsible growth through our four integrated service lines of documentation, consulting, strategy and growth advisory.

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What we do

The intricacy and volatility of the business market are what characterise it. You must take risky decisions in order to shape your destiny, but that obviously takes time. money & Also, professional people.

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That's where we come in. Projectzo takes bold & practical approach to strategy. We assist you in sailing in the right direction by evaluate & review from today's potential to tomorrow's promise. We help you take informed business decisions at any stage of your business.

We are easing entrepreneurship and creating an impact that matters

Because businesses come in many forms and sizes, we must be prepared to meet whatever obstacles you may face. We have the resources and experience to navigate and deliver in both the actual world today and the unknown future of tomorrow. It's a potent mix that may help you design a stronger approach from the start.

Analytics Consulting

The ultimate benefit is found in extensively integrating analytics into business processes at certain points

Customer Experience

Helps you rearrange the appropriate, distinctive, high-retention customer experiences


In-depth business financial forecast, business plan, detailed project report, TEV report, Feasibility study report

Audit & Risk Advisory

We offer integrity services with strong and useful solutions in audit & risk mitigation for your business

Digital Transformation

We support businesses in the disruptive era by continually reviving them with novel concepts, to grow faster.

Legal Documentations

We help and take care of your any legal documentation requirements with a prompt action and integrity.

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Market Research

Our dedicated market research service enables a business to identify the target market and obtain various product related data and other important inputs. in November 2022, Projectzo has successfully crossed 11K primary market research milestone for our global clients

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IT & Technology Consulting

From minor to major, we cover all IT support for the growing businesses and help them transform their business for better internet presence. We do important trend analysis and provide strategic possibilities to assist your firm lead the industry while achieving your corporate objectives.

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Business Valuation

We conduct business valuation when a company is looking to sell its portion or an operations against cash or equity. We've successfully conducted 1100+ business valuations through various methods

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Franchisee Modelling

We design franchisee modelling that is sustainable and profitable. It includes offer, target market, and any projected expenditures to expand your business

Observing our purpose

We keep detailed track and report on our performance in order to hold ourselves responsible and to let our stakeholders, our employees, and clients to assess our impact.

Delivering on our commitments, serving the public interest, and fostering and preserving trust all depend on good governance. As a purpose-driven firm, we consider the people we associate with to our Shared Values and ethical business practises.

For our clients

We aim to provide our clients with the highest level of quality, honesty, and creativity in order to assist them in some of their most difficult issues.

Our company is founded on trust. Projectzo has gained trust by constantly serving our Purpose—making a meaningful impact—and acting on our business Values. We run a sustainable and responsible business that manages risks and behaves ethically.

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Our code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct, which is rooted in our values and Open Leadership principles, outlines how we do business at Projectzo.

It unites us across our locations and cultures when combined with our plan. As our scope of operations and effect expands and the world around us becomes more complicated, the significance of a common Code of Conduct grows. [Read More]

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